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    23 Hilarious Yearbook Photos of WWE Superstars

    Before your favorite pro wrestlers (or sports entertainers) became entertainment icons, they were just regular people. Just like you. Regular except that they had a dream to become WWE superstars and they would stop at nothing to achieve that dream. The point is, they went to high school, they went to middle school, they took […] More

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    16 Hottest Women That Cristiano Ronaldo Has Hooked Up With

    Even someone who knows absolutely nothing about soccer probably knows who Cristiano Ronaldo is. Part of it is due to his skills on the field, of course, but part of it is due to his good looks and playboy attitude. So unsurprising, he has had his fair share of stunning girlfriends, who seem to get hotter and […] More

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    25 Females Athletes Who Should Become Models

    This may not be popular to say, but men’s sports are far more popular than women’s sports. It is a simple fact. The men draw more of a crowd to stadiums and draw a massive audience share on television while many women’s sports struggle to get aired on television. Perhaps that may be why some […] More

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    34 Perfectly Timed Sports Photos Guaranteed To Spark A Reaction

    Timing is everything when it comes to photography – the greatest photos can come from waiting around for hours or just a spur of the moment. It’s always fun to see photos of athletes caught in the moment, as they put so much strain on their bodies that their passion shows through their facial expressions. But […] More

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    20 Behind-The-Scenes Photos

    The ’90s was the decade of jelly sandals, tamagotchis and WWE. The sports popularity was at an all time high and some of the biggest wrestling names debuted in the 1990s. Here are 20 rare, never-seen-before photos from behind-the-scenes of WWE: 1. A young Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon way back in 1994. 2. Some […] More

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    Famous Lesbian Athletes

    We now live in a time where athletes are not as scared to come out. Some even feel it is part of their duty to help younger LGBT athletes realize they can dream big and have role models to look up to. Whether these lesbian athletes are stars in the realms of soccer, basketball, or […] More

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    10 Weirdest Sports You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

    It might seem strange that so many people get excited when a team of humans toss a ball back and forth, but life is full of mysteries. What can’t be argued is that sports are one of the most celebrated activities in human society. Championships bring entire nations together. People cheer from the sidelines, paint […] More

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    10 New Athlete Romances We Were Not Expecting And 5 That Made Sense

    Sometimes a couple gets together and it’s a little difficult to see how and why they wound up together. But sometimes the pairing makes sense. Just like celebrity romances, athlete romances are often in the public eye and this includes a wide variety of social networking sites as well as media platforms. And, of course, […] More

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