8 Newly Single Female Athletes We’d Marry In A Heartbeat (And 8 We Might Think Twice About)

Many of the world’s most famous female athletes are still on the market, leaving many fans to wonder why that may be.

The life of a professional athlete is very taxing and time-consuming. It takes endless hours of training outside of the sport before you actually compete. There is a reason that you see many athletes walk away from the game when they no longer have the passion to wake up every day prepared. Often times during an athlete’s playing career they do not have the free time to put into dating and things us regular people take for granted.

We like to call it a work-life balance and there has to be some kind of sacrifice if you want to excel in a field that constantly looks for a younger better version. In a normal work environment once you have a certain amount of experience you are viewed as an asset compared to being a liability in sports.

Female athletes are put into a tough situation as they try to have a normal love life to get their minds off of the gruelling hours of professional athletics. Some of the most well-known female athletes in the world have not been able to find the right one to settle down with. Some others have seen their successful relationships suddenly come crashing down. We’ll take a look at 8 newly single female athletes that we would marry in a heartbeat and 8 we might think twice about.

Marry In A Heartbeat: Anastasia Ashley

At the age of 5, Anastasia Ashley moved from San Clemente, California to Hawaii and that is around the time she began surfing. One year later, Ashley won her first contest and found a surfboard sponsor by the age of 7. Ashley is what you would call a teenage phenom. When she was 16 years old, she won her first national championship and the Triple Crown award for Rookie of The Year Aside from surfing, Ashley is also a model that has appeared in Maxim magazine as well as acting in the 2013 movie Isolated starring Ryan Phillippe.

Anastasia Ashley is not one that has a lot of high profile relationships. In today’s day in age, that is rare to find and definitely a quality that would qualify as wife material. Shallow huh? Yes, I know, but Anastasia Ashley was previously in a relationship with Adam Taki who is the son of food tycoon Ghazi Taki that was credited for inventing the frozen footlong hard-boiled egg. The identity of her last boyfriend is unknown. If you need any reason as to why someone would marry Ashley in a heartbeat, check out her Instagram page and you will have all the proof you need.

Think Twice About: Eugenie Bouchard

The 24-year old tennis star Eugenie Bouchard was born in Montreal, Canada and became the first Canadian-born tennis player to reach a grand slam in singles when she qualified for the 2014 Wimbledon Championships. In back-to-back seasons in 2013-14, Bouchard was awarded the WTA Newcomer of The Year and the WTA Most Improved Player. Bouchard was one of the best women’s tennis players in the world as she reached as high as 5th in the world, becoming the first Canadian-born women’s tennis player to rank in the top 5 worldwide.

Eugenie Bouchard has one of the most bizarre dating stories that you will ever see regarding someone of her celebrity status.

I am sure you all remember when the Atlanta Falcons had 21-0 lead over the New England Patriots in the 2017 NFL Super Bowl. Well, one of her Twitter followers happened to be a fan of the Patriots and tweeted her to ask if she would go on a date with him if the Patriots came back and won the game. Well, the Patriots did come back to win and the two did indeed start dating. How cool is that for that guy to win a date with Eugenie Bouchard and watch his favourite football team win the Super Bowl? Well, I would be a tad apprehensive of a celebrity woman that goes on dates with strangers via Twitter. But, outside of that, it’s not much you can be mad about.

Marry In A Heartbeat: Cheyenne Woods

There is a certain prestige that the Woods name carries in the golf world thanks to the outstanding career of Tiger Woods. Tiger’s half-brother Earl Woods Jr. has a daughter that plays professionally by the name of Cheyenne Woods. Cheyenne recently was cut from the U.S. Women’s Open as she did not qualify, but she has all the makings of a star. During her earlier years, Woods won back-to-back state championships in the state of Arizona and earned a scholarship to play at Wake Forest University. This is where she met her former boyfriend Joshua Harris who was a running back on the football team for the demon deacons.

Just like her uncle Tiger, Cheyenne is a trailblazer in golf as she is only the sixth African American woman to ever play on the LPGA tour. While she may not be the child prodigy that Tiger was, she sure does have the athletic genes that allowed her to reach the professional ranks. I gave you all of that information before I told you how beautiful Cheyenne Woods is. I am not one that knows how to play the game of golf but without a doubt, I would dress in a polo shirt and slacks to have a chance to date Cheyenne Woods.

Think Twice About: Aly Raisman

During the summer Olympics of 2012 and 2016, Aly Raisman was a part of the “Fierce Five” and “Final Five” teams that won gold medals in women’s artistic gymnastics. During the 2012 Olympics, Raisman was considered the most decorated American gymnast as she won gold in the floor competition and bronze in the balance beam to go along with the team accomplishments. Raisman’s name has been in the headlines recently as she was one of the victims that claimed Olympic team physician Larry Nassar committed atrocities against the competitors. Raisman and her fellow survivors were awarded the Arthur Ashe Courage Award in light of the scandal.

Aly Raisman dated Colton Underwood the former NFL tight end for the San Diego Chargers. Colton was spotted on television recently as a cast member on the show The Bachelorette. Things did not work out between Raisman and Underwood as he cited that distance was the major factor in their split. “We’re still good friends and talk, but all that travel had been a nightmare.” Later adding, “It put a lot of pressure on us, sure, but we had fun with it. A lot of fun date nights,” he said. “Those six months were great.” You often look at a person’s failed relationships as an indicator of what they may be attracted to. Raisman dated a failed NFL player turned reality TV dating contestant and that’s enough of a red flag to give me pause.

Marry In A Heartbeat: Candace Parker

During her time at Tennessee, Candace Parker led her team to two consecutive national championships as well as becoming the first female to win the Gatorade National Player of the Year award twice. The list of accomplishments for Parker at the collegiate level is endless including becoming the first woman to dunk the basketball in an NCAA tournament. In 2008, Candace Parker was the number one overall selection in the WNBA draft by the Los Angeles Sparks. The same year, Parker married standout Duke Basketball player Shelden Williams and gave birth to the couple’s daughter Lailaa Nicole Williams in 2009.

The couple divorced late in 2016 citing “irreconcilable differences.” While a member of the Los Angeles Sparks, Parker won two league MVP awards, one finals MVP and a WNBA championship in 2016. Candace Parker was one of the first WNBA stars to become a household name outside of the WNBA fan base. As divorces go, Candace Parker makes more money than her partner, so she was ordered to pay $400K in alimony to her ex-husband Shelden Williams. Parker checks off all the boxes that you would want in a wife and I would not hesitate to date Candace if the opportunity presented itself and you would too.

Think Twice About: Nikki Bella

In 2007, Nikki Bella signed with World Wrestling Entertainment and formed the due the Bella Sisters with her sister Brie Bella. Bella is a two-time WWE Divas Champions and has the record for the longest standing champion as she owned the belt for 301 days. Pro Wrestling Illustrated released a female 50 list in 2015 and Bella was ranked number one on the list. Nikki Bella and her sister Brie began a YouTube channel in 2016 titled “The Bella Twins” with daily video blogs, health, fitness, travel, beauty and relationship videos. In 2012, Bella began dating fellow wrestling star and actor John Cena.

In a mixed tag-team match at WrestleMania 33, John Cena proposed to Bella.

This year, the couple split and cancelled their wedding plans one month before the event. Nikki Bella and John Cena have been spotted together a couple times since their separation which leads me to believe that things may not be over between the two. A major red flag in the dating world are women that do not appear to be over their ex-boyfriends. An even greater red flag is when that ex-boyfriend is a professional wrestler who would probably be able to smash your head in.

Marry In A Heartbeat: Sally Fitzgibbons

Athletically, Sally Gibbons is an all-around standout athlete at a young age. In high school, Fitzgibbons won the gold medal in the 2007 Australian Youth Olympic Festival 800m and 1500m. She also played touch football, soccer, and ran cross-country along with surfing. In the water, Fitzgibbons won the ASP Pro Junior open, an event open to women 21 years or younger at the age of 14. In 2011, Fitzgibbons won the final of the Subaru Pro in Taranaki, New Zealand which was her second ASP World Tour event. After winning this competition, she became the number one ranked female surfer in the world.

Sally Fitzgibbons and professional rugby player Trent Merrin got engaged in 2015. The couple split in 2017 and the reasons were not made clear. When Merrin was released from the New Soth Wales Origin team, Merrin said that Fitzgibbons was there for him the whole way. “Whenever I need to get something off my chest, or for someone to be there, she is always there. She is my best friend.” It is hard to truly know who a person is based on what you see online but Fitzgibbons seems like a really nice person, and will not be on the market long.

Think Twice About: Cat Zingano

At the age of 12, Cat Zingano began competing in combat sports and joined the wrestling team in high school in Boulder, Colorado. In college, Zingano was a national champion and 4-time All-American at MacMurray College and the University of the Cumberlands. She then began training in Brazilian Jiu Jitzu and won the Rio de Janeiro State Championships in Brazil as well as the World Championships in Los Angeles. That year, Zingano fought in her first amateur Mixed Martial Arts competition and the rest is history. Fast forward to 2013 and Zingano fought Misha Tate in the second women’s match in the history of UFC. Zingano was one of the fighters to lose to Ronda Rousey during her run as the top fighter in MMA.

Cat Zingano is a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitzu and married Brazilian Jiujitsu black belt Mauricio Zingano in 2010 who fathered her son Brayden. In 2014, Mauricio Zingano committed suicide and Cat has not been romantically linked with anyone publicly since. If dating a professional wrestler is scary, imagine dating a woman that fights in the UFC for a living. I would think twice simply off of the idea of being in a circle of fighters that I know would all knock me out in one punch.

Marry In A Heartbeat: Garbine Muguruza

In 2012, Garbine Muguruza turned pro after receiving a wildcard in the Miami open. She defeated the world’s number 2 ranked women’s tennis player Vera Zvonareva before defeating the number 10 ranked player Flavia Pennetta. After that victory, Muguruza would lose in the round of 16 before losing to the eventual champion Agnieszka Radwańska. In her first tournament in 2014, Muguruza lost to former number 1 ranked Venus Williams in the quarterfinals of the Auckland Open. Muguruza reached to the number 1 ranking in the world in 2017 but after losing to Simona Halep she would lose her top spot in the rankings.

There is no record of exactly who Garbine Muguruza has been in a relationship with since that information was not made public but one thing is for sure, and she is single now. Muguruza is good-looking, one of the rising young stars in women’s professional tennis and how could you not love everything about her. She is currently ranked number 3 in the world and endorsed by Adidas and Rolex as well as being the brand ambassador for Mazda Spain and BBVA bank. Maybe her career is her focus at the moment but whoever does get the time of day is surely going to be one lucky guy.

Think Twice About: McKayla Maroney

The 2012 American women’s gymnastics team was one of the most heralded Olympic teams in recent memory. The entire “Fierce Five” team has gone on to have some sort of celebrity of their own in the aftermath of their gold medal-winning performance. Maroney won the gold in the team event and the silver medal for vaulting. She became the first American female gymnast to defend a World Championships vault in 2013 at the World Championships. She was amongst the women that came forth regarding the behaviour of Olympic team doctor Larry Nassir.

In an interview with NBC Maroney detailed the encounters. “He told me he was going to do a checkup on me and that was the first day [it all started],” she said. Adding, “The worst part was that I had no idea that he was taking advantage of me for his own benefit. I knew it felt strange, but after all, he was the national team doctor.” The name of Maroney’s ex-boyfriend is unknown but Maroney returned to the limelight when she released a series of racy photos on Instagram after the breakup. When you are looking for women to date, exposing yourself for social media is not a quality that ranks high on the list of positive characteristics.

Marry In A Heartbeat: Allyson Felix

While attending high school in North Hills, California, Allyson Felix discovered her fondness for track as she finished ninth in the CIF California State Meet just over three months after trying out for the team. By her senior year, Allyson was named the Track and Field News‘ High School Athlete of the Year as well as a second place finish in the 200m of the US Indoor Track & Field Championships. Felix won silver in her first Olympic games in 2004 at just 18 years old and has gone on to win 36 medals including 24 gold medals between Olympic and World Championship competitions.

There was speculation around the 2016 Olympics that Felix was secretly married to fellow Olympic sprinter Kenneth Ferguson. That was never confirmed or denied by the two have not been photographed in two years and it is safe to say the two are no longer together. As far as sprinting is concerned, Allyson Felix is as accomplished as they come and also happens to be a hit in the looks department. It is still surprising to me how some of these women have not already been taken off the market. Whoever has the chance to do so is sure glad it has not happened yet and I don’t blame him.

Think Twice About: Maria Sharapova

In 2005, Maria Sharapova was 18 years old and ranked as the number one player in the world. Sharapova is currently third in singles and grand slam titles amongst active players trailing only Venus and Serena Williams. In 2016, Sharapova was banned from competition for fifteen months after testing positive for a banned substance. When asked about the incident Sharapova said, “I think there a lot of things that you can ask and you can talk about and people you can blame, starting with yourself. Once you get through that phase, it’s about the long-term vision.”

The dating history of Maria Sharapova starts early as she was romantically linked to fellow tennis star Andy Roddick in 2005.

That never panned out and since then she has been linked to Adam Levin of Maroon 5, and even a brief engagement to then Los Angeles Lakers guard Sasha Vujačić. Recently, Sharapova was said to have been dating Paddle8 co-founder Alexander Gilkes but the two are reportedly no longer together. There has to be more than meets the eye when someone can never seem to have a relationship work out long term. Maybe one day, things will change but her history is enough to at least make you hesitate a little and think again.

Marry In A Heartbeat: Lolo Jones

During her time at LSU, Lolo Jones was one of the best women’s track athletes in the NCAA. In 2002, Jones finished runner-up in the 100-meter hurdles and 4×100-meter relay at the NCAA Outdoor Championships. The next year, she would go on to win the 60-meter Hurdles at the NCAA Indoor Championships and was a member of the 4×100-meter team at the NCAA Outdoor Championships. At the Beijing Olympics in 2008, Jones was the favourite to win the 100-meter hurdles and was leading the race until she stumbled over the 9th of 10 hurdles. Visibly frustrated, Jones told ESPN, “You hit a hurdle about twice a year where it affects your race. It’s just a shame that it happened on the biggest race of my life.”

Lolo Jones shocked many when she revealed to the world that she was a virgin on HBO’s Real Sports in 2012. “If there are virgins out there, I’m going to let them know, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life—harder than training for the Olympics, harder than graduating from college, has been to stay a virgin before marriage.” That is one thing that you rarely see in today’s age, and I am sure that kind of commitment would be the reason for anyone to put a ring on it as quick as they could.

Think Twice About: Saraya Bevis AKA Paige

Two-time WWE Divas Champion Paige began wrestling at the young age of 13 in the World Association of Wrestling which was run by her family. Born in Norfolk, England Paige was held multiple championships on the independent circuit in Europe before she signed with the WWE in 2011. Paige made her debut in 2014 on the main roster and became the youngest WWE Divas champion at the age of 21. In 2016, the WWE draft took place and Paige was selected for Raw. She would sit out due to injury and be also suspended for 30 days due to “testing positive for an illegal substance, not a prescription [med].”

Earlier this year, Paige was announced as the new general manager of SmackDown after retiring from wrestling due to injury last year. Paige has been romantically linked to fellow WWE wrestlers Xavier Woods, Brad Maddox and Corey Graves. Paige has been known to not be a fan of long-term relationships and the idea of settling down. I am very sure you know about the drama that has surrounded Paige throughout the years so there is no need to get into that as I am attempting to keep this kid-friendly. The qualities you look for in marriage just do not align with those of Paige, and I am sure she would agree as well.

Marry In A Heartbeat: Lindsey Vonn

Born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Lindsey Vonn was taught to ski by her grandfather in Wisconsin and has not stopped since. By her late teenage years, Vonn moved to Colorado to ski exclusively at Ski Club Vail. Vonn’s mother eventually moved the entire family from Minnesota to be with Lindsey, and she said: “But I missed all the traditional things of childhood – sleepovers, school dances, making friends in a conventional way.” Adding, “Now all my brothers and sisters had left their friends for me. That was stressful for them. I felt so guilty.” Vonn won three total and one gold medal throughout her three Winter Olympic events. She has 7 total medals including two gold in the World Championships.

After splitting from Elin Nordegren, Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods began dating publicly but the two did not last.

Vonn was last in a relationship with former NFL assistant coach Kenan Smith. The two split after their busy schedules got in the way. Vonn is on the list of those I would marry in a heartbeat and as I am writing this article Vonn has been rumoured to be in a new relationship with P.K. Subban of the Nashville Predators. You cannot make this stuff up. Subban obviously agrees that Vonn is a catch and if he’s smart he will lock her down.

Think Twice About: Charissa Thompson

You are probably thinking that Charissa Thompson is not a female athlete. You are right, she is a female sports reporter that has worked for ESPN and Fox Sports. The reasoning that she is on this list doesn’t even have anything to do with anything she did. In an interview with Richard Deitsch Thompson detailed an event in which her former co-worker Ryen Russilo stopped a stalker outside her house. “This guy had shown up at my house; Ryen came back from dinner, and this guy was standing behind my garbage cans in like an unlit area. The sensor lights came on, and Ryen was like “Who are you?” and the guy was like “I’m here to surprise Charissa for my birthday.” And Ryen at first was like, maybe she does know this person, and the guy said: “Yeah, call her, she knows I’m here.”

“So Ryen calls me, and I miss it because I’m three hours ahead in Buffalo, so I miss Ryen’s call. And the guy then says “We’ve been texting…” and Ryen said “Show me the messages” and nothing is adding up, and the guy says “Well, I don’t actually have any messages with her, I just feel I know her because of the way she speaks on social media.”” This kind of attention is the kind that anyone would hate to have to deal with on a regular basis because let’s face it; there are some crazy people in the world. Thompson is drop dead gorgeous so although I would think twice about having to deal with these kinds of shenanigans, I would certainly comply after any second guesses.

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