34 Perfectly Timed Sports Photos Guaranteed To Spark A Reaction

Timing is everything when it comes to photography – the greatest photos can come from waiting around for hours or just a spur of the moment.

It’s always fun to see photos of athletes caught in the moment, as they put so much strain on their bodies that their passion shows through their facial expressions.

But what does it look like when it all goes wrong? The following 34 photos were taken at the perfect moment to make you laugh, cry and wince.


This photo has it all – a hero and a wise lesson to learn. The man swoops in to protect the little boy’s face from being walloped with a baseball bat while teaching anyone who sits next to the batter’s box at a baseball game that you’re at risk. Always keep your head up, because one minute you might be on your phone and the next you’re waking up in a hospital.


We’ve all had that itch we just can’t scratch. Unfortunately, this player decided to tackle his on tv.


Yeehaw cowboy! The cowboy might have been flung off of the bull’s back, but that’s not the only thing he’s got to worry about. It looks as though he might land on his neck, and even if he doesn’t, he got an angry bull charging at him to escape from.


Rivalry is no laughing matter for a lot of fans – this man in particular. When a White Sox player jumped to catch the ball, this fan took it as an opportunity to interrupt the outfielder’s catch with a solid punch to the face.


Synchronised swimming takes a lot of coordination and flexibility – but we didn’t know that you had to literally step on your team members to get to the top.


They say “those that dare, succeed” and this bad ass shot of a wake boarder at pretty much 90 degrees proves that he’s a fearless champion. He looks calm in the face of danger, despite being just inches away from the waters surface.


That’s a new way of blocking the player..


As desperate fan tries to snap a shot of Kobe Byrant. Despite her huge effort to reach across, Kobe stays focussed with a look of pure determination.


Sometimes you face hurdles in life, and this athlete in particular had this realisation all too quickly when he tried to go under a hurdle instead of over it. We can only imagine the pain felt from his busted nose that will resonate with him every time he faces a hurdle in the future.


When the gold medal is in sight, there isn’t a lot an athlete wouldn’t do to secure the win. This photo is proof that, even if it means getting your fingers dirty, they’ll do whatever it takes.


You’ve seen how hard a football can kick a ball to get it from one end of the pitch to the other, right? Well imagine that force kicking you in the face. Now that’s something to roll around on the floor and cry about.


This photo summarises why gymnasts are so hypnotising to watch at any Olympic games.


This photo gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “swing and a miss” as his bat snapped in two pieces.


At first glance you might think this swimming is extremely flexible and tall. But the human flipper is actually two swimmers – one exiting the water while the other enters it.


Have you ever seen the splits from this angle? No, neither had we. We’re not sure whether to be impressed or freaked out that she looks like a decapitated gymnast who thinks with their foot.


Figure skaters are required to have extreme flexibility to complete a lot of tricks successfully, and this skater was caught showcasing her spinal chord flexibility like an absolute pro.


Some things should definitely be kept private, and picking your nose is one of them. Clearly LeBron James didn’t get this memo when he was papped court side with a finger up his nose.


For those of you that might think figure skating is a pansy sport, we dare you to look at this photo without flinching. We can’t imagine that either skater came out of this very nicely.


Surfers are fearless when it comes to big waves – in fact, they see them as a playground to showcase their boarding skills. This surfer got caught off-guard and is flying through the air, about to feel the immense pressure of waves crashing down on him.


We knew that gymnasts were flexible, but the incredible flexibility of this gymnasts neck and the angle of the photo makes it look like she’s lost her head competing.


Hair ties should not be taken for granted. Although they’re not essential in weightlifting, we’re sure this girl had regrets when her hair swished over her face as she tried to compete.


Now this looks like a pain in the ass! While we’d usually feel sympathetic, chances are this guy would have been intimidating the bull right up until this photo was taken.


UFC is a kick ass sport – and by that we mean that, if you compete, you need to be prepared to be absolutely battered. It is only recently that woman were allowed to take part in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and this photo shows that women are not a force to be reckoned with.


Baseballs can travel around 90mph so we can only imagine the shear pain felt by this player when one collided with his mouth. Perhaps aim a little higher next time?


Tyler Clary was photographed in what seems to be perfectly wrapped in glass thanks to a well known physics phenomenon called surface tension.


Mind-boggling? Definitely. Their twisted bodies look like their heads have swapped bodies.


This poor figure skater must have been travelling at a very high speed to smash through the ice rink walls like that.


If there was ever proof of why boxers look bruised and battered the following day after a fight, this photo is it.


In front of an extremely heavy and powerful bull is definitely not an ideal position to be in – plus it’s got the crazy eyes!


Ever wondered why american football players wear helmets? It’s probably to protect them from being hit square in the nose with a hard ball, like rugby player Owen Wilson.


Even the First Lady likes to get competitive on the courts, but clearly she didn’t remember that a good tip is to keep your eye on the ball at all times.


Not even the FLOTUS can escape the power of Photoshop. Here she looks like a presidential Jedi, but she clearly needs a little more practise.


Not only does the woman in the background look completely disgraced as Michelle’s technique, but the FLOTUS is still the victim of some hilarious photoshop.


It’s hard to believe that these girls are two separate figure skaters, relying on gravity and the grip of their legs to stop each other from flying in opposite directions across the ice.

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