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16 Hottest Women That Cristiano Ronaldo Has Hooked Up With

Even someone who knows absolutely nothing about soccer probably knows who Cristiano Ronaldo is. Part of it is due to his skills on the field, of course, but part of it is due to his good looks and playboy attitude. So unsurprising, he has had his fair share of stunning girlfriends, who seem to get hotter and hotter as the years go on.

Here are the women lucky enough to have dated Portugal’s number one goal scorer.

Melanie Martins

Portuguese-French model Melanie Martins caught the attention of Cristiano Ronaldo after being a finalist in a Miss Universe competition.

Ronaldo reportedly jetted Martins out to various dates across the world, frequently flying to Morocco and the pair’s home country of Portugal in late 2015.

Mirella Grisales

Despite being six years older than Real Madrid star Ronaldo, Colombian model and TV presenter Mirella Grisales dated the prolific forward in the summer of 2007. Then started to date again in the summer of 2008 as well.

Kim Kardashian

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that Kim Kardashian was at one stage, romantically linked with Cristiano Ronaldo. The model/TV personality has been one of the most famous women in the last decade and it is rumored that the star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians went on a romantic getaway with the soccer player back in 2010. Whatever romance Kim and Cristiano had back then was extremely short-lived, with paparazzi catching the two in a kiss outside a restaurant in Madrid.

Irina Shayk

Arguably his most high-profile relationship; Ronaldo started dating Russian model Irina Shayk back in 2010. However, after five years together, the couple decided to go their separate ways.

The Victoria Secret model and Ronaldo were happily together until she found text messages on Ronaldo’s phone that showed the Portuguese star to be texting ‘various’ other girls.

The relationship ended in a public explosion, with Ronaldo being heavily criticised for his disloyalty.

Lucia Villalon

After his relationship with Irina Shayk came to an end in 2015, Ronaldo moved on fairly swiftly. The first lady he was linked with after the heavily publicized breakup was Spanish TV journalist/presenter Lucia Villalon, who has done a lot of work on Real Madrid TV. This makes perfect sense, seeing that Ronaldo’s been on Real’s roster for the last decade. However, the romance was fairly short-lived, and after a couple of appearances on social media together, they went their separate ways.

Bipasha Basu

Around the time that he was on the verge of lifting his first Champions League title with Manchester United, Ronaldo was actually believed to have been dating Indian model/actress Bipasha Basu. However, it was Basu who stole the headlines. It seemed like a perfectly innocent fling. However, it was soon revealed that Basu was actually dating fellow Indian actor John Abraham at the time. So the world was shaken when the media caught Basu and Ronaldo making out.

Paris Hilton

They might not have been so vocal about their relationship, but it was clear that Cristiano Ronaldo and Paris Hilton had something going on in 2009. The soccer player had recently moved to Real Madrid and Hilton had just got out of her relationship with Doug Reinhardt. The stars seemed to align between the two, and they were spotted at many parties in both Spain and the US. Nevertheless, it wasn’t meant to last between the two and they moved onto other people pretty swiftly.

Jasmine Lennard

One woman who gave a first-hand account of her experiences with Cristiano Ronaldo was British reality star/model Jasmine Lennard, who claimed to “use him as a TOY.” and calling him a “multi-millionaire metrosexual mama’s boy.” Lennard gave a detailed account for The Mirror about the time that she met the soccer player and was given a rollercoaster insight into his average night out, full of money and partying. According to Lennard, she played hard to get and Ronaldo was desperately trying to get her attention through a torrent of texts.


Chloe Green

Cristiano joined Chloe and her family including her billionaire dad Philip and his wife Tina during a holiday on the French Riviera in summer of 2015.

He and Chloe also posed for pictures on the red carpet together when she turned up at the Ronaldo film premiere in London later in November in a plunging mini dress.

The heiress to the Topshop fortune set rumours going in early 2016 by posting a dedication from her ‘friend’ Cristiano Ronaldo on her Instagram which he signed with the touching message: “My love Chloe.”

Nereida Gallardo

Around the time that Ronaldo was guiding Manchester United towards the Champions League final in 2008, he became romantically involved with Spanish model Nereida Gallardo. Everything seemed to be going well for the United number 7, including in the love department. He went on to win the coveted double with his club. However, after she had a bad relationship with Ronaldo’s mother, Gallardo decided to call it quits. According to Ronaldo, he was sick of reading up about Gallardo’s past in the tabloids.

Gemma Atkinson

It seems like 2007/2008 was a particularly eventful time for Cristiano Ronaldo, both on and off the pitch. Another lady who was romantically linked with the Portuguese forward was British celebrity Gemma Atkinson, who has developed a reputation as a lingerie model. According to Atkinson, their first date was pretty understated, to say the least. “We just went to my house and drank cups of tea and watched Only Fools and Horses. Genuinely.” Nevertheless, their relationship was pretty short-lived.

Merche Romero

What separates Merche Romero from many of Cristiano Ronaldo’s other past relationships was how long she was with him. Romero, who is a Portuguese model and has also worked on TV, dated Ronaldo for a considerable amount of time – between January 2005 and September 2006, to be exact. This means that she is one of Ronaldo’s longest-lasting relationships. They were together while Ronaldo was tearing up British defences for Manchester United. Unfortunately, Romero wasn’t by Ronaldo’s side when he won his first Champions League title.

Elisa De Panicis

Reportedly, Cristiano Ronaldo’s dated this stunning Italian reality star and model. The pair were caught getting rather close when they met on holidays.

She details their brief romance to the New York Post: “I got his number and I sent him a message,” De Panicis Agnelli explained. “We had fun and we had a good friendship, but not anything special.”

During an appearance on the Chilean TV Show “Doble Tentacion”, she revealed that “Ronaldo uses filling to make his penis look bigger.”

Andressa Urach

Arguably the most infamous relationship that Cristiano Ronaldo has ever had was with Brazilian model Andressa Urach. In fact, it would be difficult to call it a relationship – more like, an affair. According to the model, she slept with the soccer player just 48 hours before Real Madrid played Borussia Dortmund in a crucial Champions League semi-final match. They lost the game 4-1.

Desire Cordero

Back in 2014, it was Desiree Cordero Ferrer who stepped up to win the coveted Miss Spain beauty pageant, before representing her country at the Miss Universe event just a few months later. Then, just two years after that, the beauty queen was reported to be in a relationship with the Real Madrid talisman himself – Cristiano Ronaldo. However, it was also reported that the soccer player got cold feet and decided to sever ties with the model, fearing her hunger for fame.

Georgina Rodriguez

Of course, no list of Cristiano Ronaldo’s women would be complete without the current woman in his life – Georgina Rodriguez. Ronaldo has been dating the Spanish model since 2016 and just a year later, had Ronaldo’s fourth child, daughter Alana Martina. Amazingly, Georgina Rodriguez is the first identified woman who Ronaldo has had a child with. The other two were a woman who chose to remain anonymous and a surrogate.

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